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"Since arriving in Singapore in 2013, I have been passionate about Singapore becoming the role model for mental healthcare in Asia. My mission is for Elephant to help deliver this."

Dr Adriana Giotta PhD

With extensive experience in caring for private clients in Singapore, Elephant's team are dedicated to provide psychological treatment and counselling for problems ranging from the everyday to the most complex emotional, behavioural or relationship challenges. To assure our integrity, the team have a mindset of personal growth by ensuring they are supported through individual and peer supervision, as well as by actively engaging in continued professional development, including attendance at many of our own clinician workshops. Our team provide two levels of service:

Counselling and support

At the outset your challenges may be focused on symptoms that you wish to alleviate. Our team employ a variety of modalities where it is possible to set short-term treatment plans which deliver a toolkit of strategies and practices and achieve awareness, setting the ground from which you can undertake the necessary change.

In-depth therapy

Sometimes there may be a desire to go further than symptom management and address the underlying root cause. This can enable you to not only alleviate the symptom but also resolve or reduce its recurrence. Such an outcome requires an in-depth therapeutic process where the clinician guides you back through your memories to the time where such symptoms first manifested and help you "rescript" how to deal with such situations thereby improving how such triggering events are dealt with in the future.

Statement on COVID-19: Elephant is able to provide therapy through face-to-face consultations by adhering to appropriate social distancing measures, as well as through secure online video consultations, if clients prefer.


Elephant has recently launched its expressive therapy services using:


Amongst them, Sandtray Therapy is an expressive and projective therapy involving play, which is the language of childhood.  It is flexible and adaptive, and therefore suitable for children from the age of four all the way up to adults. It integrates a wide variety of therapeutic approaches.


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written by our clinicians



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Mental Illness Awareness Week - October 2020: 

We are hiring counsellors and psychologists into our wonderful team. Do get in touch if you share our vision and values of integrity, reliability and compassion.

The professional training arm of Elephant was opened in 2015 to upskill Singapore and Asia's community of therapists and counsellors. It represents the foundation for quality in Elephant's practitioners whilst supporting our desire for all clinicians across the community to develop their skills as a duty of care to their patients. Over the last 5 years, we have invited some of the very best trainers from around the world to provide local practitioners with the opportunity to receive high quality training on their own doorstep. We are proud that nearly 1,000 clinicians from across Asia have now attended our workshops, benefitting tens of thousands of their clients in the process. Our calendar of events, which is constantly being developed, is now the most extensive access point to high quality clinician training in Singapore.

Notice on impact of COVID-19 on workshops

In full compliance with Ministry of Health (MoH) guidelines and directives retailing to COVID-19, all workshop have been moved online to allow trainees to continue with CPD whilst restrictions are in place. For further details, please contact us at